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Mercy is just an ephemeral wisp

    until it latches onto brokenness


Jesus allowed a broken woman to be stoned

    by anyone who was whole


But under His penetrating gaze

    no one felt unbroken


Newly experienced brokenness allows

    mercy to flow out unrestrained


Like a flood covering the whole world

    Only soon to be dried up

        by our self-righteousness


But not before it enters the hearts

    of broken people everywhere


And allows the weight of mercy

    to take hold.

Into The Light


Many points of entry lighting a single path


A circuitous passage winding past all humanity


An opening providing clarity

    to life’s confusing contradictions


A track leading uphill but without effort

    Giving fulfillment along the way


Focusing on the route ahead,

    Not the ground below


The entry seems fortunate,

    But all according to God’s plan


Jesus everywhere piercing the darkness

Facets of Beauty

Humanity is a raw gemstone

God the jeweler and craftsman

Not knocking off rough edges

But imagining bright new facets

From every peak and valley

From every imperfection and disharmony

Earth a cauldron of diversity

Both living creatures and inert

Nothing inconsequential or forlorn

But elemental and connected to the whole

From worldwide habitats and quarries

From communities wild and civilized

Men and women embody manifold facets of beauty

Each soul precious and unique

Neither expendable nor misshapen

But contributing to the sparkle of existence

From the variety of human backgrounds

From the entire spectrum of subsistence.

La vie en rose​​

When the world finally turns right-side up

Then life continually cascades like a rushing stream

Thoughts drift by delivering gaiety to the mind

And estatic images bubble up through commonplace froth


Novel tableaus constantly explode all around

Logic and restraint quickly surrender    

Chasing away conventional surroundings

And old friends become a fascinating presence 


Hues shift to the saturated

Like a specially crafted technicolor movie

Sounds amplify into recurring musical motifs

And smells evoke vivid memories of past


How the soul is meant to be

Invisible angels sing choruses from above

Hurling down showers of heavenly love

La vie en rose

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