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We’re only right half the time

We’re only right half the time

The other half we’re wrong

So pursue your dreams

Til they turn to screams


Then avoid your inclinations

And reverse around half circle

The path will seem scary

But throw off your wary


Into your opposite self

It seems so unnatural

Still you might find

It’s not a total grind


Now what is new appears right

An opportunity for insight

But don’t forget

Or get upset


When all this turns wrong

And you don’t belong

Return to your natural way

But with permission to stray

Unrequited love

Unrequited love is most fulfilling

Requiring only occasional stirring

Simmering slowly without boiling over

Developing complex flavors over time


Unrequited love is a close companion

Always around when summoned

Never failing to disappoint expectations

Enduring forever without resolution


Unrequited love is a fine beauty

Growing fairer and more fanciful every day

Fluttering a continuing broken heart

Teasing the mind along into old age


Unrequited love is a sleeping baby

So peaceful before awakening

Responding to my thoughts with a gentle smile

Constantly dependent in my mind’s eye

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